Owen Pye Signs With Blackroom Records:

Press Release:
Owen Pye of Highland, Illinois was selected as the newest artist to be added to the roster of Blackroom Records, located on the campus of Greenville College. Pye is the second artist to be signed to the label since it was restructured in 2009.

Preparation for the upcoming album began August 12th in the recording studios of Greenville College. Blackroom Records President Lucas Harger and student producer and engineer Chris Bonney worked together with Owen Pye to begin the recording and tracking process that they concluded by the end of the month. “Owen has brought in good musicians to play on the record,” said album producer, Chris Bonney. “It has been fun to collaborate with them and take their raw energy and translate that into a recorded piece of music.”

Owen Pye began his career as a solo artist in 2005 and released his debut album If That’s Cool With You in 2006. By 2008, he joined with three other musicians with similar plans to become Owen Pye & The Sunday School Band. They independently released their self titled album produced by Andrew Osenga (Caedmon’s Call, The Normals) in December 2009. Pye considers the music that he has created to fit into the folk genre and is eager to share his music with “willing listeners.”

When asked about the upcoming project, Owen Pye responded, “This is very, very exciting and I am SO pumped to work with these folks for the next year in support of the record.” To learn more about Owen Pye and for previously recorded tracks, visit: www.owenpye.com.

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Hello, my name is Owen. You can contact me at hello@owenpye.com OR you can reach me at 618 . 806 . 5470

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