Adventures in Tucson

Yesterday in Tucson was such a crazy day…

We were just getting into the city limits of Tucson, AZ right off I-10 when we got a pretty nasty flat tire. We drove about a mile on the flat real slowly as we pulled off to a safe place. I called around town and luckily about another mile away was a shop with 2 tires in stock with our name on it. I went ahead and replaced our rear tires as they were both due for it. I threw the spare on there and we were in and out of the shop pretty quick.

My friend Andy Moore of Deas Vail noticed that we were still homeless for the Tucson date a few weeks ago and called a guy named Kevin and asked him on our behalf if we could crash. Kevin and Ginger and their awesome kids were such a blast to share the evening with. Cash made 4 new friends. It’s great when he gets to meet people more his size on the road. Their kids were the best. We shared some mexican food and hung out for a couple of hours. Kevin and I left and went over to get ready for the show.

The Bashful Bandit” as Kevin described, was/is a biker bar. Growing up, him and his friends dared each other to go there, but never went through with it. I didn’t realize what kind of a venue it was until he told me yesterday.

We rolled in around 8:15 and discovered there wasn’t any PA equipment and that bands brought their own. Oops. Normally this isn’t an issue for me as I have played literally unplugged many times. But in a bar, this is nearly impossible as no one is there JUST to listen to music.

Kevin called around and his friend down the street Shawn lent us two amps. One for the acoustic and one for the mic (THANK YOU SHAWN!)– He didn’t own a mic stand though. So we used cymbal hardware and a clip for a mic stand. It was the most DIY setup since junior high. But it worked and it was hilarious as it was happening. You can’t make this stuff up…

Mid song a guy who had parked his hog (that’s biker lingo) in the bar, revved it up and drove out of the place leaving a trail of smoke. He felt terrible for “ruining” the song. He came up in the very next song mid lyric, grabbed my arm and said “I’m really sorry about that man.” I replied, “No man…That was awesome!” – It made Kevin and I laugh even more at the entire evening.

In the midst of all the laughing and songs I met a woman who told me she had a felt a connection with my music. She bought both of the CDs and began to share some of her story with me. Her son of 17 years had just passed away a few weeks ago from being in a crash with a drunk driver. Her husband of 17 years passed a month or so before that. She told me, “I’ve been sober for 15 years, but after this all happened I started drinking again. I’d rather be drinking then at home and depressed.”

I am so sad from her story and hope that if she is reading this, will know that I (and the people reading this post) are praying for her. I pray that there would be healing in her life through Jesus and that through her pain and loss she would find redemption. I don’t want to say her name on here out of respect for her privacy, so we will call her “Miss C.”

After all of that we returned our borrowed equipment to Shawn. I ate a hot tamale that was delicious and we went to downtown where Kevin showed me all the cool venues that the real bands play at. haha. We happened on an acoustic set by a dude named Hank Topless. He was the real deal americana alt-country type. Hey serenaded us for a few songs, and interjected one song about prison with “this is a true story.” He’s legit. I need to figure out what the shortest prison term you can get for what crime and commit that so when I play music people will shut up and listen.

Before leaving this morning we got a picture with the all the kids and Kevin and Ginger’s massive saguaro:

Tour is busy and I apologize for not posting more. I’m going to try and do these things a little more frequent. But I gotta admit, this post took me way longer than most people take to write a college paper.

Also this week we got to see my Aunt and Uncle in Tempe. They are cool and were very hospitable. We are off to San Angelo, TX tomorrow…I think.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. Please keep “Miss C” in your prayers. Also we lift up the devastated families in Joplin. Help them as you are able.


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3 thoughts on “Adventures in Tucson

  1. Wow. I’m glad it all worked out for you. Keep playing those bars. The people you meet there make as good of a story as any prison term.


  2. What an awesome time you all are having, Owen. Praying for Miss C. Love seeing how God is providing for you three and using you, too! This post was more than worth the effort!!


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