Live Music Video

Some cool dudes from Greenville College (Devon Meadows and Chase Weber) did some capturing at the CD Release way back in February. They’ve been working on it as they’ve had the time.

This is the only video I’ve received so far. Besides a couple of rusty areas with my voice it’s pretty decent for what it is.

Worth a watch…maybe.

The cool thing about this video is it shows how freakin’ tight my friends are as musicians. We’d practiced ONE time before this. I’m totally bragging on them. They killed it for both the full-band CD release shows.

From left:
Shane Zimmer (electric), Mat Kuhlig (bass), me, Ryan Fancher (drums), Joel Sprenger (electric.)

Love these guys.

– OP
P.S. Next time we do a full-band show, you should COME.


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