Early Morning Update

It’s Tuesdy morning (not a typo, TUESDYYYEEE.) And it is really early (notice the coffee.)

Cash man decided to wake up at an ungodly hour. I had two choices of updating you guys on life or attempting to go back to sleep.
I was in a mode where that probably wouldn’t be very fruitful so I chose the update.

This Sunday is JOSHUA FEST. If you live anywhere near the Sacramento, California area OR are up for a wicked awesome Labor Day weekend roadtrip, then come see me on Sunday at JFEST, 3:45 on Mainstage. Click HERE for deets!

Along with that we have a slew of new shows coming up:

9/13 @ Cicero’s – National Children’s Cancer Society Benefit w/ Daphne Willis (ST. LOUIS/U. City)

9/26 @ Cicero’s w/ DEAS VAIL (ST. LOUIS/U. City)

9/30 @ Ten Mile House (ST. LOUIS/S. City)

Other news:

Jillian and I have moved back to our old apartment (street pictured below) in Lebanon, IL which we are super pumped about. In a couple of weeks we are starting a “Gospel Community” with our church where we’ll begin meeting with a group of people in all age groups weekly. We’ll be eating a meal together, and talking about God’s gospel with each other. It’s gonna be awesome. We belong to a great group of believers.

Cash DID win the contest that I had asked all of you to help out with. This is something I cannot be more thankful for. We’ll be able to purchase really nice clothes for him with the $1200 credit we received from Gilt Children. We’re going to try to buy stuff in multiple sizes, and hopefully this prize will last us for more than just a year. We’re praising God for this, as it’s a HUGE blessing.

I am writing as I said before. I’ve got a few demos done. I truly can’t wait to get them finished, because that just opens the next door of production, which eventually leads to a new album.

I can’t/don’t/won’t give you any specifics, but God is really blessing me right now musically (and a lot of other areas.) I can’t wait to expound on that deeper, but that is for another day.


About owenpye

Owen Pye began playing in 2005, with just a guitar and a plan: To share music with willing listeners. As cliche as that may seem, it’s exactly what he’s doing. Pye was getting a lot of exposure on myspace, with his boastful 20,000 fans and thorough independently booked tour schedule in his early years supporting his debut album “If That’s Cool With You.” To date, Owen Pye has shared the stage with some of the best up and coming artists including Deas Vail (Mono VS. Stereo) Dr. Manhattan (Vagrant) and New London Fire (Eyeball.) He has independently booked over 250 shows in the United States. In 2008 he teamed up with some friends to form a consistent full-band line-up known as “Owen Pye & The Sunday School Band.” With the help of producer and engineer Andrew Osenga (Caedmon’s Call, The Normals) they released their self-titled record to the masses in late 2009. During the summer of 2010, Pye began his solo project with Blackroom Records. When asked about the upcoming project, Owen Pye responded, “This is very, very exciting and I am SO pumped to work with these folks for the next year in support of the record.” To learn more about Owen Pye, pickup a CD, download an MP3 or come out to a show near you. http://www.owenpye.com/
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One Response to Early Morning Update

  1. Jillian says:

    Love you honey. The 9/30 show link sends you to the wrong show.

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