Eleven Magazine 11/11/11 Bash is TONIGHT

So pumped to be added (last minute) to the Eleven Magazine 11/11/11 Cherokee Street Bash. It’s happening TONIGHT folks. I am so pumped to play.

If you’re a facebooker, go ahead and click that facebook button below this post. If you’re a twitter person, click the twitter one. Get it? We need to get the word out about this awesome thing happening.

I’m just overwhelmed with excitement over the fact that it’s 11/11/11…you know? I know you are too.

So channel this excitement into coming to the bash TONIGHT. For all the info (and there’s a lot of it), click here.

I play 5:30-6:15 at the Drew Henry Salon & Gallery.
(located at 2309 Cherokee Street.)

In other non-related to the Bash news… I didn’t end up winning the CFA Festival Contest. The Lost Colors won. Congrats to them. I thank you all for voting for me non-stop for a whole stinkin’ month.

God is doing some cool stuff in the OP world. I am still waiting for the right time to share with y’all. But I assure you it’s cool and rad.

Peace, Love & Monkey Business,
– Owen

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Hello, my name is Owen. You can contact me at hello@owenpye.com OR you can reach me at 618 . 806 . 5470

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