Photos from the ‘Cisco

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Last time I updated this thing I was leaving Denver heading towards the west coast.
I thought I’d share some photos from the weekend!
This is the hotel I stayed at. Nicest freakin’ hotel I’ve ever been in!:

It was so nice they had fresh baked cookies in a display case at all times. Free for the taking! Pictured is Davy helping himself:

Before we got started on writing songs for the weekend, we had to get some groceries. This is my buddy, Grant, taking care of business at the store…

And of course, what would a trip out west be without some In-N-Out?:

Also, Davy took some video and pics for me for the heck of it with his fancy shmancy camera…

The most important part of this trip? We tracked down the Full House house (thanks to google) and snapped a photo proving it. Oh man. This may not seem like much, but if you’re a kid in the midwest who lives 30 hours away from anything awesome, it’s pretty cool:

Needless to say, it was awesome and I got a lot of writing done. Like I said before, I’m hoping that this record I’m working on will have 12 new songs on it. I can’t make any promises on that yet, but keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

There are TWO St. Louis shows going down THIS week. So check that out too!


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