On the Radio Tonight! Tune In…

Broken_fm_logoThe friendly folks at Broken FM in California are going to be playing “Slospeak Christmas Vol. 1” in it’s entirety, beginning at 6:00 PM WST (8 CST.)

If you live in Cali, use your dial. If you don’t, you can stream it live by clicking HERE.

They will be doing a short interview with myself and a lot of the Slospeak artists and friends. So tune in, and listen to the whole record. If you dig it, pick it up and support what we’re doing.

If you’re tuning in, leave a comment here and let me know where you’re listening from! And tweet/link this post on facebook. I’ll pick a few of you to send some free stuff to say thanks for listening!

Love you guys! Spread the love!


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Hello, my name is Owen. You can contact me at hello@owenpye.com OR you can reach me at 618 . 806 . 5470

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