So It Begins!


I am so excited to announce that tomorrow (12-13-12) I will officially begin recording my 4th full-length album.

Since signing with Slospeak Records in 2011, I have been writing and dreaming of what the future could hold.

I’m going in with 10 new demos. Brand new Owen Pye songs for your ear drums!

I will be recording in Springfield, MO with the great Oran Thornton. If you’re not familiar with him, check out his past work. Our names sound similar and we both have sons with the same first name. So it was meant to be.

Thank you all for supporting me and getting me to where I am today.

Please stay with me! I want to see your face in 2013. I’m booking shows at venues/colleges/festivals/church camps/houses as we speak and would love for you to be there or help me get this new music out there.

Your prayers, words of encouragement, merchandise purchases, donations, high fives, tweets, emails through the years are the oil that makes the engine, if you will, run.

Without you I wouldn’t have made it this far.

Thank you all so much. I really love you.

Published by owenpye

Hello, my name is Owen. You can contact me at OR you can reach me at 618 . 806 . 5470

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