Real Friends


Let me tell you about my friend, Bobby Wintle.
Everyone who has met Bobby knows he is a stick of dynamite that explodes into a hug or a high five, or both! He is hands down one of the most positive humans I’ve ever known.

Bobby and I go way back to the myspace days, where we’d trade shows in our towns. Along with the show usually came a floor to crash on. That evolved into a friendship where we discovered we both had a passion for music and people, and we both laugh at everything.

I’m terrible with timelines and dates. But sometime in the last decade Bob and is wife Crystal, started something truly special in Stillwater, Oklahoma. They put their blood, sweat and piggy banks into District Bicycles. Then came Land Run 100. (A cycling event that grew from its start in 2013 to roughly 2000 participants.)

I messaged Bobby no less than 3 days ago because I wanted to ask him about what bikes I should look into. I should preface this with saying I know nothing about cycling, just that I think one day I’d like to own a legitimate bike. I message him a question or two, telling him my intentions and needs in a bike. Not an hour had gone by and Bobby was calling me. “Dude. I’ve got the perfect bike for you. I’m coming through St. Louis on Thursday. I’m gonna get it ordered, built and I will drop it off on Thursday…” “…just pay me whenever you’re able.”

Is this real?

Sure enough. I wrapped up a meeting at work and got a text that my old pal was here. Bob & I shared some BBQ and crammed as much story time as we could into my hour lunch break. One thing that stuck out to me is when Bobby talked about the people that come from all over to participate in their incredible event. At some point during our meal Bobby says to me, “I just want people to know that they matter.”

I’m stealing that. I think we all need to steal that.

Thankful for friends like Bobby and Crystal.

The point of this post is two fold. One to say how thankful I am for people like Bobby and Crystal who are a huge inspiration to me to pursue what you are passionate about no matter what. Secondly– to extend that piece of truth to you today… that you matter.

Bonus: If you need anything in the cycling world (I mean anything.) Give District a call.


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