Hey I broke my hip! No joke…


About 12 days ago I was riding home from work on my bicycle and took a 180° spill and landed on my hip. After about 5 days of lurking around I went to the Urgicare for an x-ray which revealed I am 90 years old and broke my femur. I got permission from the physical therapist to play the show on Friday. So we are still doing this thing Dave Grohl-style.

Seriously guys and gals, this is would mean the world to me and all the proceeds benefit children and families within the Foster Care program ( The Restore Network – therestorenetwork.org )

You can purchase your ticket for just $10, use promo code ‘SUCCESS’ to have your processing fees waived:


In preparation for the show you can stream/download this record on your music platform of choice:
Spotify | Apple Music | All the others 🙂

I love you guys and I hope you know that you matter today.

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