Hoppy Lobby

Pye Brewing Co. Beer – Winter Wonder

I’ve been slowly learning the art of beer brewing. It’s a very interesting world to wander into. I’d liken the homebrew fanbase to that of the cycling community. In both communities there’s a vast range of beginner to expert level brewers, but the consensus is ‘just do your best and have fun along the way.’ Which is the kind of vibe I jive with.

I’m still in the beginner level stage as I’m on my 5th successful batch of beer. Up to this point I’ve pretty much stuck to the kit recipes which set you up for success usually. There’s an excellent homebrew shop in town that has everything you could possibly need which is a blessing.

One of my biggest beer venture supporters even gifted me some printed beer labels that I designed. So I’m sharing this as a ‘wish I had one of these for you, bud!’ For anyone reading this.

What type of new hobbies or skills are you trying your hand at? Let me know in the comments!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Make sure to tip your waitresses. And spread some good cheer this season.

– Owen

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