Art Hill fireworks – September 14th, 2022

Not always sure what to say or how to say it.
Because I’m still trying to connect the dots of how I feel and what my feelings are in a particular situation.

Life is challenging.

Not enough money. Not enough time.
So much clutter. So many todos piling up.
And my memory just slips more and more.
And I disassociate more and more.
But I want to keep the peace for those around me and for myself.
But in doing so, I avoid myself.
I lose track of the things that matter to me.

The Nothing.

When I’m uncomfortable I avoid and/or consume.
Whether that’s the junk that I consume in my diet or in my spiritual and emotional diet.
I avoid even the good things for me. Or I throw myself at whatever feels right in that moment. Shooting from the hip.

My prayer for myself today is to find my way back to an honest and true Peace.
To find my feet and stand tall.

// I apologize for this cryptic free type of post. It was more me thinking out loud for a second than anything.


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