Because You Shouldn’t Have to Choose

I had such a joy creating this ad for our Rent One & RNR Tire Express cobranded campaign. I had the opportunity to create this spot from start to finish (Writing/Shooting/Editing/VoiceOver) and I am so happy with the finished product. The cast had no prior acting experience and wow were they wonderful. I’d like to alsoContinue reading “Because You Shouldn’t Have to Choose”

Bye, Tree

Here’s a video I made when removing the Christmas Tree from the house this year. I shared it with some close friends whom enjoyed it. Figured I’d share it with you here… Hope you like it and have a beautiful day. -Owen

How to Be More Relationally Present

In his 2015 book, 5 Gears – How to be Present and Productive When there is Never Enough Time, Jeremie Kubicek talks about these 5 gears that we all have that mirror that of an engine. Each gear has its place, but the trick is being ‘fully engaged’ in each one at the appropriate time.Continue reading “How to Be More Relationally Present”