That’s right folks. I’ve got three, COUNT EM 3, shows coming up that I am THRILLED to share with you:

September 27th @ HOPEFEST in Marion, Illinois
November 14th @ CK’s KORNER PUB in Benton, Illinois (w/ Dr. Manhattan and friends)
November 15th @ Fontbonne University

More info in the SHOWS section. Just click it or ticket.

Free Download of Postal Service’s “We Will Become Silhouettes”

Hey friends! It’s Friday. So I decided to record a little cover song for you to celebrate.

It’s one of my favorite Postal Service songs of all time called, “We Will Become Silhouttes”

It’s free to download at noisetrade. Spread the word!Image

Some Music for Your Ears

I am so thankful to have been apart of this project.

During the winter of 2013 some songwriters and musicians from my church, August Gate Church, got together to write songs for our upcoming sermon series through the book of Colossians. We didn’t really know what was going to happen going into it. But when we finished, we had 5 pretty solid songs we decided to record. We took to Kickstarter and asked our AG Family and friends to pitch in and help. 100 backers, and $4,000 later we were able to professionally release this EP, “Rooted and Built Up in Him: Songs from Colossians” by August Gate Music.

You can stream the whole thing right here. You might hear some familiar voices on track 3 and 4!

If you would like to help support this project, and see future releases, definitely purchase it on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Bandcamp!

And stay tuned for more new OP music. Werkin hard to get that to you! 🙂

– OP

Thanks Radio Friends


Big thanks to David Amsden, Jamie Krock and all the folks at @GodTalk971 for featuring my songs in their bumper music today. And for the shoutout about my music, website and the upcoming concert at Fontbonne University that is directly benefiting the combat against Human Trafficking.

If you’re a fan of talk radio like I am, or interesting podcasts then make sure to tune in Sunday mornings from 8am-9am on FM 97.1 in St. Louis to listen to GodTalk and hear some interesting dialogue from a different perspective. You can find their station link here: www.971talk.com/godtalk 

Peace, Love and Monkey Business,

Fantastic Set

On Friday at Plush (@plushSTL), I played one of the most fun sets in a long time. I’m so thankful for my friends that came and played with me on stage: Shane Zimmer (@shaneandsharon), Jon Goldstein (@afundrummer) and Ben Martin.

Also a huge thanks to all my friends who came to the concert. I love my city.


(^ photo credit: adam harrel)


Also big thanks to England in 1819 (pictured above) who asked me to open for them on their tour. What an honor. They’re great. It was fun hearing MusicEmbryo and Aquitaine as well.

More shows coming soon including a date at Fontbonne University on February 19th. Details posted soon. 🙂

Being a (Formerly) Independent Artist

In the words of the great Tom Petty,

“You don’t know what it’s like to be me.” 

From 2005 up until late 2011, I was an “independent artist” by every definition of the word. I had worked with small labels, but they weren’t real labels. I did it all. Writing, Booking, Promoting, Touring. In fact, most of the year was spent jobless. I had quit my full-time position (with really great benefits, health insurance, 401K) packed our four door and I took my wife and 2 year old son on the road. That was what we did. 

We loved it.

During days off, I would route new tour stops, e-mail hundreds of booking agents and attempt to fill up the calendar as we went. I was wearing all the hats: Tour Manager, Husband, Dad, Driver, Sound Guy, Roadie, Guitar Tech, Booking Agent, Social Media, Merch Girl. I mean boy.

I found that half way through our time on the road, I couldn’t do it anymore. The shows became less worthwhile and more costly than anything. 

At the time I had a great mentor and friend of mine ask how he could be praying for me. We had just finished all the dates on the calendar. I told him to pray that we would figure out what to do next. I knew that I couldn’t keep doing this music thing with the same business model I had used for years. I needed some assistance. 

That guy was a hero of mine named Davy Baysinger. If you don’t know who he is, then you are missing out on some great music history. Just go buy “Again, for the First Time” by the band Bleach and put it on repeat until you die. You will die happy. 

Long story short. Davy runs Slospeak Records (formerly known as Eden Records).

At the time I didn’t realize this. That winter, I signed to the coolest and sweetest record contract with the coolest record label ever, ever:


Since then, I’ve had some of the best people around me encouraging me and helping in every way that they can. 

But with this new found assistance, came something I wasn’t used to. People pushing me to be better. To write better and do something bigger. 

In December 2011 I began working on my newest full length album. Just when I think I am about done, I get that nudge from my peers and mentors to do it again, and make it better.

I am sorry to say, I am STILL working on this record. I’ve got to be honest. It’s been a hard time for me creatively. The old independent version of Owen Pye would have already pushed out a mediocre record or two. But as iron sharpens iron, I’m hoping to put out 1 excellent record at a time. 

My biggest resolution for 2014 is just that. Finish the record. 

It’s coming guys. It’s coming.

Cabin Fever

My awesome wife found this rad cabin out in the sticks and reserved it for a couple of nights. It was so nice to just be away from life for a day or two.

I snapped a couple of photos to share the scenery with you. Also a picture of my breakfast.




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