Again, For the First Time

Man, oh man. These last few days at Joshua Fest have been incredible! Thursday night was kind of a bummer, cus some of the bands broke down on the way to the show along with a slew of technical difficulties. Other than that, the whole fest has been a BLAST. Tons of cool bands andContinue reading “Again, For the First Time”

Baby, Give Me Some Space

I had the pleasure of visiting the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California a few evenings ago with my lovely wife and son. We only got to hang out for about and hour and a half before they kicked us out, but man was it cool!: I’m thinking if this whole “music thing” doesn’t workContinue reading “Baby, Give Me Some Space”

San Fran, Thank You Ma’am

I’m sitting in the Denver airport, waiting to board my flight to San Francisco. I’m going to be close to downtown in a swanky hotel, with two friends of mine, writing music for 4 days. Is this real life? An update on my “creative process” thus far. I’m attempting to have 12 songs written andContinue reading “San Fran, Thank You Ma’am”

Joshua Fest = Radtastic

Hey folks. Just wanted to give you a short update on Joshua Fest 2011. It was a success in my eyes. Had a lot of fun, sold some CDs, and got a little sunburned. Most of all, I got to meet some swell people. Special thanks to Blood and Water for sharing their merch table withContinue reading “Joshua Fest = Radtastic”