At Home With…Owen Pye (Acoustic Sessions)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the first song of At Home With…Owen Pye, “Persistency.” This is an acoustic recording. Nothing is legitimately mixed or mastered. Everything is recorded with my iPhone using a Blue Mikey microphone and FourTrack. Listen here: OR download by right clicking/ctrl clicking HERE and save as. After you download, pleaseContinue reading “At Home With…Owen Pye (Acoustic Sessions)”

the tough but rewarding reality of life on the road

Happy Easter you guys! This is the day that we meditate and think about Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. If you are a Christian, rejoice. If you are distancing yourself from Jesus, please reconsider the fact that He is the ONLY God who rose from the dead. He loves you. And the best part? TheContinue reading “the tough but rewarding reality of life on the road”