Thanks Radio Friends

Big thanks to David Amsden, Jamie Krock and all the folks at @GodTalk971 for featuring my songs in their bumper music today. And for the shoutout about my music, website and the upcoming concert at Fontbonne University that is directly benefiting the combat against Human Trafficking. If you’re a fan of talk radio like I am,Continue reading “Thanks Radio Friends”

On the Radio Tonight! Tune In…

The friendly folks at Broken FM in California are going to be playing “Slospeak Christmas Vol. 1” in it’s entirety, beginning at 6:00 PM WST (8 CST.) If you live in Cali, use your dial. If you don’t, you can stream it live by clicking HERE. They will be doing a short interview with myselfContinue reading “On the Radio Tonight! Tune In…”