Social Media & the Death of Unique Opinions


You hear it all the time: Social media, once intended for bringing people together has failed to do so and in some ways had a complete reverse affect. At best, it serves as a tool to snoop on that former classmate or friend of yours and see what angle of a Starbucks cup they posted that morning.

Aerial view with your shoes and tattoo showing?


Whether you are pro social media, agnostic to it or somewhere in the middle, there’s one point I want to make that is becoming ever clear to me:

The death of unique opinions is ever present.

We are no longer fully considering our own thoughts and beliefs, but instead picking 1 of approximately 3 pre-populated opinions, liking or sharing the post we are engaging with and moving on. And if we are really passionate about it, we will leave a comment with the conversation happening on screen. Sure there are differing examples or points made in the thread, but the response is the same: regurgitating the view of someone else.

Before you call me an idiot for making this claim, look at the most controversial topics in your social feeds and make note of the different responses made as your day goes. Eventually, without even reading into X topic, you will see your FB friend share a link to an article in agreement with “their side” of the opinion.¬†Before you know it, you have found yourself siding with one of the points of view that you have read, without deeply considering your own unique view on the topic. It is even easier to see the lines drawn in the sand as political banter ensues each day that we draw closer to Super Tuesday.

Now I don’t want this post to be a political rant, but I do want you to truly consider what we all have done: lazily reposted, liked or commented on something without fully considering our own hearts and I don’t know… fully investigating the subject at hand.

This is my challenge to you. Turn off the internet (do I sound old?). Go read a book. Go outside. Unplug. Find a friend who doesn’t think like you. Find a ‘not so good of a friend anymore’ person and take them to coffee (try and win them back.) Ask tough questions with no intention of rebuttal. Keep your regurgitated opinion out of it.

Figure out what YOU believe and write it down, then be willing to throw your opinion away if it means reserving your love for another human. At the end of the day, winning a friend is always better than winning a debate.

Consider this…

A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating. A fool’s mouth is his ruin, and his lips are a snare to his soul. The words of a whisperer are like delicious morsels; they go down into the inner parts of the body. ¬†– ¬†Proverbs 18:6-8

Now please…share this post all over your social media feedsūüėČ


So…I moved to Florida


Wow. Let me blow the dust off this site real quick.
Ahh…That’s better.

Since I’ve last updated this thing a lot has changed for me. I’ll try and keep this short and sweet.¬†Almost as long as I’ve been playing music as a serious profession, I’ve also been involved with experiential marketing, aka my “real” job. The word “real” only signifies the financial part of the job, as playing music has been the most difficult occupation to date. I digress.

This time last year I managed an event at the Florida State Fair for a company based in the Southeast. Over the course of a three-week contract and being far away from my wife and kids I was able to grab dinner with my friend I’ve made in this industry and his beautiful¬†wife, Ashley. Adam and she¬†have become some of¬†our greatest friends:


It wasn’t long after seeing them again that I get this text from Adam asking me to pray and consider re-locating and accept a full-time position at his company, Thuzi.

Jillian and I ¬†began thinking and praying through this, asking God to give us peace and discernment. We spent weeks and months coming up with the right¬†decision. This was not easy for us to make. I was leading worship on-staff at a church we had watched grow from joining the plant just 5 months¬†in to it’s existence. We lived 20 minutes from both sets of grandparents. Some of our greatest friends were¬†just a stone’s throw away. Our roots were deeply set in the St. Louis Metro East.

I asked God if we were making the wrong decision for Him to make it clear to me. Or for there to be some push-back in our conversation with family, loved ones and people we looked to for advice and council. I found nothing but affirmation from the people we spoke with, and even further confirmation we were doing what we felt God wanted us to do.

I sat down with the elders at my church and told them everything. My friends and pastors, looked at me and replied, “We’ve been praying for this opportunity to come for you for years…we just hoped it would be here in St. Louis.” They prayed for me and once again and I was on my way. All of this confirming even further our decision.

Fast forward to…now.


Jillian and I are learning how to do normal ‘life stuff.’ We are tapping into that seemingly elementary skill of making new friends, which has proved much more difficult than I ever thought…(guys… I’m not cool anymore.) We are still “searching” for a church, though I think we’ve found where we are supposed to be. We’re learning where to buy groceries, where people bring their kids when they don’t have extra money, but still want their kids to have fun (the beach is free!)

I haven’t played music or led worship since moving here, which has left a bit of ¬†a hole for me. I am looking forward to flying to Illinois this weekend to lead worship for some students. What a treat that will be to serve in this way. I’m hoping by God’s grace, for more opportunities to rear their head¬†in this way.

My ultimate prayer is for my wife and kids to find their place here, for me to be a good husband and dad and lead them well. They are the world to me.

I think a tour is long overdue. Along with new music. Along with…

To God be the glory!



Day in Photos

Today my lovely wife let me sleep in. 8:15 is way more glorious than you think when you have two little ones who don’t own alarm clocks yet. 
Then we went to Cash’s home school co-op. Z and I shot some hoops. Nbd.   

  Cash taught me how to shave. 

Lastly and most importantly. My friend Corey of Storm Circus had a venue poop out on him (aka ignoring all email correspondence as of late.) So I reached out to the Owen Pye community and to my delight, my dear friends at Fontbonne University decided to save the day and host a last minute concert this Thursday from 8-10. I’ll be playing too. So if you’re free, come support a great touring band and hear me play a few tunes. Sound good?