The Best Christmas Pageant Ever — “Behind the Curtain”

Curtain’s Up Theater Company, a local theater group that our family as grown close to this past year, has their final show of the season this weekend: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Z and Cash are both in the play and my sister-in-law, niece and nephew are playing as well as several friends of oursContinue reading “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever — “Behind the Curtain””

Haven Homes Grand Opening

Big thanks to Melissa MacIsaac for asking me to provide photo coverage for her Grand Opening event for her real estate business, Haven Homes, located in O’Fallon, Illinois. The event began after sunset, so you’re only seeing the interior of this wonderful space which neighbors Harmony Health and Home Birth as well as Premier KitchenContinue reading “Haven Homes Grand Opening”

The Fun and Learning Variety Show

I had the pure joy & honor of recording The Fun & Learning Variety Show. This production is put on by The Colleen Nesbit Memorial Foundation and features skits and songs performed by adults with intellectual disabilities. This Saturday Curtain’s Up Theater Company and the Nazarene Community Theater is playing this video on their movieContinue reading “The Fun and Learning Variety Show”

Not always sure what to say or how to say it. Because I’m still trying to connect the dots of how I feel and what my feelings are in a particular situation. Life is challenging. Not enough money. Not enough time. So much clutter. So many todos piling up. And my memory just slips moreContinue reading “…”