Tour Recap (3 Videos!)

This week has been wonderful. I did a slew of house shows in Indy, Evansville and Louisville. Thanks to all the wonderful homeowners for letting us do the shows at their pads!

Wednesday in Nashville went OK, despite a few technical issues. I broke a string, then tried my backup guitar which had a non-working pickup apparently…snap! I finished the set with 5 strings to the best of my ability.

A really rad person named Alyssa blogged all about the Nashville show and posted this video!:

On Thursday, I had the awesome pleasure of doing SXSW in Austin, TX. It was a great experience as an artist and music lover. Here’s a short and silly recap of that:

Last night I had the pleasure of doing a show at a super rad record store in Cleveland, TN. Bobby Rayfield of Inherent Records is a man’s man. He opened the shop almost a year ago, and with many hours of volunteer work keeps it going in an age that doesn’t support local record stores. Here’s a little blurp from the shop:

Thanks for reading/watching!


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