Thanks Metro East

In 2019 Jillian and I started coming to The Journey Metro East in Belleville. We made friends with several folks there who we’ve grown close to in our relationships.

During the covid lockdown in 2020 I started leading worship as a contractor on Sunday mornings and have been leading there ever since. I believe the contract was initially for 6 months.

Yesterday was the last service at the campus as the leadership made the decision to close ME. It was an odd thing having this definitive end to something like a church. We’ve left churches, but this was a different vibe for sure.

I’m very thankful for many many folks there. Here’s a quick little vlog I made and some photos from the day.

Thanks to all of our friends and fam at The Journey Metro East.

Charlie MacIsaac
Charlie MacIsaac, Amanda Hursey
Bob Hursey
Corinne Jones
Poem that Pastor Charlie wrote for the church
Shontez Jones, Jon Stamm
Mark Hasler
Shelly Gilbert, Pastor Charlie MacIsaac

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