The Best Christmas Pageant Ever — “Behind the Curtain”

Curtain’s Up Theater Company, a local theater group that our family as grown close to this past year, has their final show of the season this weekend: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Z and Cash are both in the play and my sister-in-law, niece and nephew are playing as well as several friends of ours that we’ve made this year.

I asked Evan Totsch, our young actor friend in the theater community if he would help me with a “man on the street” esk behind the scenes bit last night. I filmed it and edited it within a 24 hour window. I’m very pleased with the fun result we got out of this. Evan came up with the brilliant name. He wrote all of his material that he came up with on the fly. Awesome job, Evan.

Check out the video and then go grab your ticket!

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